1. Admission will be granted purely on merit basi according to the seats available.
2. Incomplete forms or forms with wrong information will not be considered.
3. Original school leaving certificate / birth certificate to be submitted only at the time of admission.
4. No freeship or any sort or concession in the school fees will be granted by the management. Every child has to paythe school fees regularly.
5. Fees pending for two months and above will be liable for strict action form the concered authority.
6. Any misconduct or misbehaviour by the parents in the school premises will not be entertained else the admission stands disqualify for the ward of the respective parents without issuing any notice.


1. Read the Rules and Regulation given in the school calendar and follow them.
2. Every student should wear his Uniform and Identy card daily.
3. You must co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline by taking an active intrest in the activities of the school.
4. Honesty and obedience are expected from your child. You make your child realize that he / she is responsible to the school authorities not only for his / her conduct in the school but also for general behaviour outside.
5. You see that your child speaks in English language especially at school and during all school activities.
6. Examine daily calendar of your child for any remarks and guide your child in his / her conduct and studies.
7. Make yourself available whenever you are called by school authorities regarding your child’s behaviour.
8. Politeness and courtesy of speech is expected from your child. You teach your child to respect his / her Principal, staff and create in him / her fellow conduct.
9. As your child advances in age, you guide his / her to become a resource and useful member of the society.
10. If your son / daughter is very intrested in extracurricular activities like games and dance and want to come to school parents have to make arrangements to send him / her to school.

Admission Open

For the Academic Year 2022 – 2023 : Nursery, Jr. Kg., Sr. Kg., I to X

Shri Ram Nagar, Near Narayan Bapu Nagar,
Old Saikheda Road, Jail Road
Nashik – 422 101

Wel-Come to HolyFlower School , Nashik

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